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WinNova Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy Ltd

Pori and Rauma Colleges, Pori Adult Education Centre and Innova merged into Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy Ltd and began providing educational services together 1 Jan 2010.

Larger educational institution enables us to offer training tailored to the needs of the local commercial and industrial life have better resources provide an even more wide-ranging supply of education operate at an even higher level of quality.

The company will have a turnover of over 60 Million Euro, 6000 students and approx. 650 members of staff.

Take a look: WINNOVA - On the Way Forward (Issuu-link) (25.6.2015)

WinNova Management

  • Managing Director Mr Lasse Schultz
  • Principal/adult Mr Juha-Pekka Koivusalo 
  • Principal/youth Mr Juha Vasama
  • Administration and Development Manager Ms Taina Kivioja
  • Communications Manager Ms Diana Bergroth-Lampinen

Organization of WinNova

  • Executive Board
    • Chairperson Mr. Esa J. Anttila 
    • Vice Chairperson Ms. Elina Junnila 
    • Representatives:
      • City of Pori (3 + chair)
      • City of Rauma
      • City of Laitila
      • Pori Adult Education Institution
      • Employee Groups
      • Chamber of Commerce
  • Managing Director Mr. Lasse Schultz

 Satakunta-brochure Finnish-English

For further infomation and contacts

International affairs and projects – Department of Administration and Development

Mrs Anne Vaahtio, anne.vaahtiowinnova.fi

Contact persons in the Fields of Study:

Architecture and Construction, Automotive & Transport Engineering, Electrical & Automation Engineering, Mechanical, Metal and Energy Technology, Process, Chemical and Materials
Mrs. Niina Srbinoska niina.srbinoskawinniova.fi
Mrs. Terhi Strömman Terhi.strommanwinnova.fi

Business and Commerce, Computing and Software , Domestic and Consumer Services
Mrs. Leena Seppänen leena.seppanenwinnova.fi
Mrs. Sari Asumalahti sari.asumalahtiwinnova.fi

Food Sciences & Industry, Home Economics, Hotel and Catering, Tourism
Mrs. Päivi Suotunen paivi.suotunenwinnova.fi
Mrs. Leena Seppänen leena.seppanenwinnova.fi

Health Care and Social Services, Beauty Care
Mrs. Katja Saarinen katja.saarinenwinnova.fi
Mrs. Kirsi Tuulinen Kirsi.tuulinenwinnova.fi

Mrs Marita Kärki marita.karkiwinnova.fi

Guidance and Orientation Training
Mrs Kaisa Leivo-Jokimäki kaisa.leivo-jokimaki

Mrs Anne Vaahtio anne.vaahtiowinnova.fi  


Etusivu / WinNova / Esittely / WinNova in English