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WinNova in English

Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova is a secondary vocational education provider (VET) for people of all ages, in or out of working life. Our qualifications correspond to EQF levels 4-5.

WinNova offers a wide variety of educational services, vocational and professional qualifications and short-term courses for different types of customers in Finnish. We work in close and long-term co-operation with companies and the public sector.

WinNova has 5000 students and c. 600 staff members (12/2023). There are c. 500 students with 50 different mother tongues studying in WinNova in various programs in Finnish.

Fields of Study Offered by WinNova in Finnish

Prospective applicants interested in our vocational studies must prove their Finnish language knowledge (A2.2-B1.2 depending on the field of study) either with a certificate or a test. Language tests for applicants are held monthly in Pori or Rauma.

The Fields of Study offered include the following and more:

  • Aircraft Maintenance *
  • Building Maintenance Technology 
  • Construction 
  • Vehicle and Logistics
  • Hairdressing and Beauty Care
  • Business, Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Cleaning and Property Services
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Forestry, Nature & Environment and Earthwork *
  • Social and Health Care
  • Restaurant and Catering Services
  • Immigrant and Language Training:
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Seafaring *
  • Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
  • Process Industry
  • Safety and Security Services *
  • Tourism Industry
  • Vocational Education in Media Services
  • Vocational Education in Music

* The authorization to organize education in this field of study in Finland has been granted to only a limited number of education providers.

International Opportunities at WinNova

WinNova is involved in several EU-funded projects. These projects lead to new pedagogical methodologies and learning environment innovations as well as pedagogical competence.

Staff mobility and projects expand the international knowledge and competencies of all our employees. There are approximately 100 staff members and different specialists that annually come in and go out on exchange.

Erasmus+ mobility grants enable students to go abroad for internships. It is a great way to improve the skills and competence to successfully manage in the global world and multicultural working environments. There are approximately 200 students that annually come in and go out on exchange.

WinNova has been awarded Erasmus+ accreditation (2021 – 2027) by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Erasmus+ accreditation means a quality-assured “Erasmus+ membership”. Accredited organisations have demonstrated the long-term nature of their activities and commit themselves to complying with the quality standards of the Erasmus+ programme.


WinNova Management

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Juha Miikkulainen
  • Principal Ms Taina Kivioja 
  • Vice-principal (Student services) Ms Fia Heino
  • Director, Administration and HR Ms Diana Bergroth-Lampinen
  • Director, Learning Environments Mr Juha-Pekka Koivusalo 
  • Director, Work-Life Services Ms Teija Harju

Organization of WinNova

Executive Board


  • City of Pori (3 + chair)
  • City of Rauma
  • City of Laitila
  • Pori Adult Education Institution
  • Employee Groups
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Juha Miikkulainen

WinNova is both Inspecta and ISO9001 certified.

Further Information and Contacts


Development and International Operations – Development Manager

Mrs Anne Vaahtio, anne.vaahtio(at)

Mobilities and International Operations – Expert of International activity

Mrs Tiina Kallio, tiina.kallio(at)winnova

Contact persons in the Fields of Study

Architecture and Construction, Automotive & Transport Engineering, Electrical & Automation Engineering, Mechanical, Metal and Energy Technology, Process, Chemical and Materials

PORI: Mr Ville Salminen, ville.salminen(at)
RAUMA: Mr Ossi Lindberg, ossi.lindberg(at)
RAUMA, Logistics: Mr Henrik Halme, henrik.halme(at)

Business and Commerce, Computing and Software 

PORI: Mrs Leena Seppänen, leena.seppanen(at)
RAUMA: Mrs Marja Mäntynen, marja.mantynen(at)

Food Sciences & Industry, Home Economics, Hotel and Catering, Tourism

PORI: Mrs Annika Polvi, annika.polvi(at)
RAUMA: Mrs Päivi Suotunen, paivi.suotunen(at)

Health Care and Social Services

PORI: Mrs Katja Saarinen, katja.saarinen(at)
RAUMA: Mrs Anna-Maija Seutu, anna-maija.seutu(at)

Beauty Care

RAUMA: Mrs Jenni Pihala-Kaikkonen, jenni.pihala-kaikkonen(at)

Safety and Security

PORI, RAUMA and LAITILA: Mr Kalle Leppänen, kalle.leppanen(at) and Mr Erno Suni,

Forestry, Nature & Environment and Earthwork

ULVILA: Mr Teemu Välimäki, teemu.valimaki(at)

Palmgren Conservatory

PORI: Ms Salla Vanhanen, salla.vanhanen(a)


We Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova process and file our invoices electronically. Please, send your bills to us primarily as e-invoices.  

Business ID 2245018-4  

Electronic invoicing address  003722450184  
Electronic invoicing operator Telia  
Mediator (operator) ID  003703575029  

 If you cannot send e-invoices, deliver your paper-format invoice to the following address:  

Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy  
PL 299  
02066 DOCUSCAN  

Please include the reference number WIN-xxxx-xxx in the invoice.  Ask the number from your own contact person.