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IO3 Online course for vocational teachers

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Participatory e-learning design

All partner countries together produced an online course that will include assignments, examples and other relevant material. The idea and goal of the training material and online course is to form a guideline and provide guidance to teachers in the design, implementation and evaluation of inclusive online teaching. The content of the online course is instructions on the participatory methods of the online teaching, online teaching theory, exercises, online course script assignment. The contents of training materials include in online teaching script, the participatory methods of the online teaching/learning and assessment methods and feedback of online learning and how to activate students in online learning and how to boost student interaction.  As each partner country and organization has its own online platform, the examples of education material and online course are general criteria and methods so that they are not tied to a specific digital learning platform.

IO3 online course has three objectives:

IO3 online course accessible version (pdf)