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Training programme

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The target group of this training programme is European VET-students in the field of business and commerce. The students should be motivated​

The overall objective of the training programme is: The students are able to cowork internationally, to develop soft skills and know the basics of European marketing in a sustainable way.​

An essential part of MaTE training programme is case company involvement. There should be case companies which are involved in the realisation of the training programme. Concerning the first piloting of the training programme one case company was chosen from each partner country: there were altogether four case companies involved in the first piloting. In the second piloting of the training programme the four case companies were from the country of mobility (Netherlands). Both ways of implementing the case company involvement were suited for the objectives of the training programme.​

The training programme is structured into 4 modules:​

The pedagogical method of the training programme is called collaborative learning model. From the point of view of the students they work both in home teams and specialist teams. The whole learning process has been organized as a project with the goals and resources. According to the official goals the students learn especially marketing skills. By working in teams they also learn many soft skills such as features / skills like empathy, resilience, capability to solve problems, self-esteem, assertiveness and trustworthiness, which are essential in the future of work.​

To get familiar with all the details of the training programme please get familiar with the MaTE training programme description document.

You can also check the overall process of the training programme Training_programme_concept_and_LTT.pdf.

During the MaTE-project two training programme pilots have been implemented. ​

The first pilot took places in Eger, Hungary. One case company was chosen from each particpating country (Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal) and the VET-students got familiar with the case company before the mobility in Hungary. In order to get familiar with the details of this pilot, please check this document. FINAL_Program_LTT_activity_Hungary_Eger_2022.pdf​

The second pilot took place in Doetinchem, Netherlands. For this pilot all case companies were Dutch and the mobility week was organised in local Innovation centre. In order to get familiar with the details of this pilot, please check this document.

I am sure you are curious to see what kind of company assignments the students solved during the LTT-activities in multinational student groups. In order to get informed check one example! ​

​During the second pilot in Doetinchem, NL one of the Dutch case companies was REBO. The multinational student group produced a marketing video for REBO to use. Check the results below. ​


REBO marketing video(siirryt toiseen palveluun)